Leila Varasteh

Art Expert and Curator

Leila Varasteh was born in Iran. After studying marketing and communication in France, she worked as an artistic advisor to various galleries and public and private foundations in Iran and then in France, years during which she acquired solid knowledge and expertise in the field of Iranian art, especially from the modern and contemporary periods.

This expertise has led her to advise many collectors and to accompany them in the constitution and development of their collections of Iranian art. Today she lives and works in France. In parallel with her activity as a curator and advisor,

Leila Varasteh collaborates in her capacity as founding partner at the Simine.fr site and puts her expertise at the service of the development of this site which aims to be a platform for Iranian artists where their work is honored and promoted. in Europe and worldwide.

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Peace From the Bottom of my Art

Exhibit with Azadeh Ghotbi

Graff in the City

Opera Gallery Paris 2011

Peace From the Bottom of my Art


Figues exhibition
Blue Gold
Etemad Gallery Tehran
Wim Delvoy solo show
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Black Gold
Shirin Gallery Tehran
Peace from the bottom of my heart exhibition
Opera Gallery London
Shishegaran exhibition
Opera Gallery London
Grafft in the City
Opera Gallery Paris
Reza Derakhshani solo show
Nikki Marquart Gallery
Artcurial Auction
Iranian contemporary art
Gallery Eric Hussenot, Paris

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