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Simine Paris is a virtual platform that highlights Iranian artists, known or emerging, of all generations, all over the world.

Our ambition is to promote the artists with whom we collaborate, to make their work known and to support them towards a growing presence and visibility on the Parisian and European scene.

To this end we organize exhibitions in Paris and in Europe to present the work of these artists and to allow them to regularly show their new products and recent creations. Our participation in Parisian and European art fairs also allows us to expose these artists to a large audience of art lovers, collectors and buyers from all over the world.

We are particularly keen to be a privileged interlocutor for Iranian artists living and working in Iran, an interface at their disposal to show their work, to make their voice and their artistic point of view heard and to ensure their presence on the scene. Parisian and European artistic.

The bond between the Iranian people and their artists is a strong and deep bond. Throughout history, art and culture, drawing, painting, music, dance, literature and poetry, have influenced and accompanied political and societal movements in Iran. All the impossibilities, prohibitions, restrictions, more or less significant depending on the movements of History and political regimes, have always been countered and annihilated by the strength of Iranian culture which has its roots in a History several thousand years old. .

In Iran, and for Iranians, art and culture have always been a vector and a weapon of transformation and liberation.

Iran cannot do without its culture, and art and artists in particular have always been part of History.

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