Highlighting Iranian Artists

Simine Paris is an unprecedented contemporary art platform, dedicated exclusively to Iranian artists, with the ambition of being their anchor point in Europe, representing them, exhibiting and selling their work as widely as possible, and in doing so, participating in the development of the flourishing and essential Iranian artistic scene.

Simine Paris

Highlighting Iranian Artists

Highlighting Iranian Artists, known or emerging, of all generations, side by side in the same artistic spirit, through Exhibitions, Art Fairs, meetings, interviews, and podcasts. A new way to meet them and follow their work.


Menart Fair Brussels 2023

February 3 to 5, 2023

Simine Paris
Amenor Contemporary gallery

present the work of:

Reza Derakshani
Ghasem Hajizadeh
Roya Akhavan
Morteza Khosravi

Curated by Leila Varasteh

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Morteza Darehbaghi

Morteza Darehbaghi, Iranian artist born in 1969 in Iran, graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Tehran where he lives and works. Winner of numerous awards during his career.

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Massoud Sadedin

Is an Iranian artist born in 1956. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Tehran. He lives and works in Germany. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and international art fairs. He is the 8th Dusseldorf Art Prize winner of 2016.

Seyed A. Shariatpanahi

Is an Iranian artist born in 1938. A graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Tehran, he lives and works in Iran.content He is recognized as one of the pioneers of visual arts in Iran.

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Simine Paris aims to highlight a vast and eclectic panorama of artists representative of our time and our modern, nomadic, and at the same time universal lifestyles. Within this framework, we aspire to represent Iranian artists and creators, to promote, support, and publicize them.

Simine Paris is first and foremost an Expertise, brought to you by Leila Varasteh, whose know-how and knowledge of Iranian art and artists is the fruit of her prosperous career as an advisor and curator to numerous galleries, museums, and private collectors as well as within the framework of her work representing these artists in Iran and Europe.

Simine Paris is then an artistic and technical creation made possible by Reza Ghobady whose knowledge of the digital world and his entrepreneurial vision provide solid foundations for the company.

Simine Paris is finally a singular look carried by Sharzad Doraghi-Karila who, Lawyer and photographer, brings a transversal, legal, and artistic contribution.

Simine Paris

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