Services to Artists:

Our ambition is to be a relay, an anchor point, for Iranian artists in Europe.

We put our expertise at their service for the benefit of the presentation of the exhibition and the sale of their works.

Our goal is to help expand their audience and provide them with new audiences and new possibilities.

Golnaz Fathi, Iranian artist, talks about Simine Paris:

"What a great privilege to participate in an exhibition with 2 great legends of contemporary Iranian art [exhibition > at the Millon auction house in Paris] organized by Simine Paris!"

Our Services for Artists

Exhibitions and Art Fairs

Our platform helps artists promote their work through solo and group exhibitions, as well as by promoting them through art fairs. These services help establish their style, gain publicity, and potentially increase sales to art enthusiasts, collectors, and buyers.

Digital Promotion

We promote Iranian artists globally through a tailor-made marketing strategy using social media, emails, and exhibitions. We increase their visibility and connect them with industry contacts for better cross-cultural recognition.


We offer personalized and secure logistics services for artists' artwork. Our experienced team takes care of collection, delivery, and paperwork to ensure your artwork arrives in perfect condition. We aim to exceed expectations and maintain the highest standards for reliable, stress-free service.


We organize unique art exhibitions, using our 25 years of experience to showcase each work in exceptional contexts and locations. Give yourself an opportunity to showcase and appreciate art in all its dimensions.


Simine Paris puts its knowledge of the Iranian and Western artistic environment at the service of artists and buyers to guarantee both parties a secure transaction: guarantee of authenticity of works - secure payment to artists.

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